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 “Graiño & Freire” is the result of an intense professional career which its founders have been developing in the area of Corporation Law since 1992 and, from this perspective, in the defense of economic interests in different areas of jurisdiction affecting scenarios where companies interact as actual operators of the trade.

The firm consists of a solid legal team specialized in the proper treatment of equity positions and financial events of various kinds, either in the field of family business or in small and medium enterprises, and also with respect to banks and companies subject to supervision and control mechanisms.

It should be noted our special dedication to Insolvency Law and universal “inter vivos” transfers procedures, from bankruptcy and suspension of payments, where different professional responsibilities and lawyer positions have been performed, to present arrangements with creditors.

Both the analysis of reality and the study of conflicting interests stand up as pillars of the methodology of our law firm, designed as a small and select boutique, which, in the first place, allows an objective and individualized treatment of any legal business assigned to us, secondly it provides an efficient engagement of the different agents involved, thirdly it gives consistency in the definition of priorities and the establishment of a harmonious strategy, aimed at responsibly overcoming any dispute.

The experience gained results in an exquisite response to the needs of each case assigned.

 “Graiño&Freire” is a law firm characterized by our commitment and loyalty to our clients from an absolute discretion.